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SuperQuilt is the best performing Multifoil on the market. It's flexibility, ease of installation, multilayer insulation offers tremendous thermal benefits for any home or business. The unique composition of SuperQuilt effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer.

Why Choose SuperQuilt? It's Simple Really.

With the evolving attitude towards building sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner, there is an increasing demand for a product such as SuperQuilt that can drastically reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling. SuperQuilt’s high R ratings provides the desirable energy efficiency, making it a great investment!

Meets Australian Building Standards

Reduces Risk of Condensation

Complies With NCC

Can Be Used With Other Insulation Products

High Quality and Extremely Durable

Suitable For Every Area

Made in England and Used Extensively in Europe

Key Features

  • - Non Degradable
  • - No Itchy Floating Fibres
  • - Flexible and Thin Design
  • - Quick and Easy Installation
  • - High Performing Vapour Control
  • - Highly Reflective True Aluminium
  • - Perfect for New Builds and Renovations
  • - Australian Building Certificate Beal IN1109
  • - Designed to Insulate Roofs, Walls and Floors
  • - Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame
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Client Testimonials

Rolf & Katharina

Ocean Grove VIC

After doing some research and talking to Richard at a renovation expo, I decided to use SuperQuilt insulation in the walls and roof of my home renovation which has always been inadequately insulated. I felt SuperQuilt was the perfect product due to it being so thin which made it easy to install, as well as providing high R ratings. The R Rating in my roof went up to R 6 and the walls were 3.1. Apparently the minimum requirement when building is R 2.5 in the roof and R 1.5 in the walls, so I am very impressed with the high ratings and we can most definitely feel the difference indoors since the SuperQuilt was installed. Minimal need to use cooling in summer and heating in winter which is much more economical for us.

Shamus O'Reilly

SO'R Constructions (Geelong)

Before the house was even completed, tradesmen would come in and ask if the heater was on! That was the temperature difference in the house compared to outside - they couldn't get over how warm it was inside. We were very particular during installation to ensure all joins were sealed correctly which has proven to make a huge difference to reducing any draughts in the roof. In winter, to get into the manhole in the garage which isn't insulated is freezing and blowing a gale compared to the manhole within the house where there is no air movement and so much warmer.

Adam Richardson

Corowa RSL Club

In late 2016, the Corowa RSL Club embarked on a renovation and new fit out of its offices, the first in 25 years. After consulting with SuperQuilt Australia, the first thing the Club undertook was installing aluminium composite board over a large amount of glass and then fully insulating the area with SuperQuilt insulation. SuperQuilt is a much thinner form of insulation with higher insulation ratings, and without the added hassles of dealing with itchy, thicker insulation. The cavity area was small, therefore SuperQuilt was highly suitable, fast and easy to install. Two major sections of the office were once unusable at certain times of the day due to the heat or cold coming through the windows, this is no longer the case.

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