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Roof Installation of SuperQuilt

Our products offer more efficient insulation for your property, whether it is a new build, extension or part of a refurbishment project. All products are certified to industry standards and easy to install, giving you peace of mind when selecting your best insulation for your project.

High Quality

The heat loss through the roof is about 25% in the winter and will heat your roof space in the summer when using Superquilt insulation you can stop this from happening. Especially with cathedral roofs, you can achieve high R-value without losing the desired look of the ceiling. The 19 layers of foil and foam stop the thermal radiation and conduction.

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Key Features

  • - Non Degradable
  • - No Itchy Floating Fibres
  • - Flexible and Thin Design
  • - Quick and Easy Installation
  • - High Performing Vapour Control
  • - Highly Reflective True Aluminium
  • - Perfect for New Builds and Renovations
  • - Australian Building Certificate Beal IN1109
  • - Designed to Insulate Roofs, Walls and Floors
  • - Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame
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